Greetings Relatives! The purpose of the Medicine Bag is to provide Medicine for the people.

Medicine comes from many places…

Medicine comes from the Star Nation, Medicine comes from the Stories, Medicine comes from the Elders, Medicine comes from the Teachings, Medicine comes from the Song, Medicine comes from the Animal Nation, Medicine comes from the People, Medicine comes from the Language, and Medicine comes from the Heart.


• Two things I know for sure – One, there is a Great Spirit and Two, it is not me. I am just a Hollow Bone. Vietnam Veteran

A ceremony within a ceremony, like rings on an old Pine tree

The seasons make their mark, undulating lines with their own impression, yet circled together

A family of Eagles soar overhead, their outstretched wings and glistening feathers shine upon us

A raccoon walks the edge of the lake, while a quiet deer eats grass in the distance, a calm presence

The smell of sage and sweet grass, and the burning embers heating the Mothers with a glowing life force

Washing away our negativity and replacing it with something positive, our pores releasing toxins of the heart

I do not know what the words of the songs and prayers all mean, but I am learning, as the rhythms trace through my bones

In the darkness there is light, and a Brotherhood and Sisterhood within the Mother’s womb, engrossed and held, while Father beats the drum

You are not alone my brother, sister, father, mother.  You are a warrior, in this world and another

Sweat together, and may we find the Spirit in the hot, dark, undulating air

May we trust what we find, my dear friend, and hold it in our hearts

Mitakuye oyasin. (All my relations)

— Jack Ringel, June 22nd 2016 (inspired by Inipi ceremony on June 21st 2016)

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Mike Lee >>>—> Point of contact Male/Female
Ceremonial Elder (Blackfeet)

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