Welcome… You have a place in this circle.

If you are attending a sweat at American Lake, please bring appropriate sweat lodge attire; For MEN; Shorts and Tee shirt along with a towel, and for WOMEN; a non-revealing dress or gym style sweat pants and a non-revealing top along with a towel. Water is provided on site but you are welcome to bring something additional for yourself.

If you are attending a Talking Circle at American Lake, both Men and Women are welcome and normal street attire is appropriate. Also, we often have a small potluck after the Talking Circle so feel free to bring a small contribution of food or drink.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we have a Female Native Veteran Council member, who is on the Elder Path, who will be able to support our Night Lodge for our mixed Sweat lodge Ceremony. As a volunteer group we are limited and only as capable as we are manned by volunteers. We will do our best to support the needs of our female Veterans. Any female Veteran requests will be forwarded to our Female Native Veteran Council member for personal reply. Take Care Mike L >>>—> Ceremonial Elder.

Below is a Schedule of Sweat Lodge times, Talking Circle times, and Veteran Events with members of the Veteran’s Sweat Lodge Elder Council in attendance. NOTE: Please check this schedule often for updates.

>>>>As of now, we have been given the directive that the Sweat Lodge and Warriors Circle are to be suspended until further notice due to our current national emergency. We encourage you continue to check this page for any schedule changes or updates.

April 2020 Schedule:

Suspended April 7th – Tuesday (Open Sweat/Mixed-Men & Women) – VA American Lake Ceremonial grounds – 9:00am to 4:30pm

Suspended April 15th – Wednesday (TALKING CIRCLE/Mixed-Men & Women) – VA American Lake Chapel – 5:00pm to 8:30pm

Suspended April 21st – Tuesday – (NIGHT Sweat, Open/Mixed-Men & Women) – Open to all Veterans and VA staff, not gender specific – VA American Lake Ceremonial grounds- 1:00pmto 10:30pm

Suspended April 29th – Wednesday (TALKING CIRCLE/Mixed-Men & Women) – VA American Lake Chapel – 5:00pm to 8:30pm

April 30th – Thursday (VA Sweat Lodge Elders council meeting – Closed Meeting Bldg #81) 11:30am – 1:30pm

>>>>VIEW PDF of DIRECTIONS to VA Sweatlodge at American Lake Hospital – Lakewood Washington..VA-Sweatlodge-map

To Contact Us:

Mike Lee >>>—> Point of contact Male/Female
Ceremonial Elder (Blackfeet)

NOTE: We are pleased with the growing interest and participation. As we grow we will be revising our schedule. Please check schedule often for updates.

Thank you, Native Veteran’s Council

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